DIS135 – Wreckless – Earthquakes & Whispers EP

Stressed Out is about facing big deadlines, about the gaps and space being as important as the tear out sections; a tune to sympathise with the erratic madness that is ‘meeting deadlines’.

Sometimes it seems that people are looking at the world through the lens that craves ground shattering, earth-quaking emotion.

More often than not, life happens in the detail, the day-to-day, the whispers, the smallest things that mean the most. A love song for the people who know that love is about work and time.

‘Earthquakes and Whispers ‘is appreciating the smaller details, cherishing their importance.

Movement Across the Water is about still moments which can be equally beautiful and destructive, just like a placid lake -beautiful when it is still, but deadly when covered in ice.

Late Night Driving is street lights, high-rise buildings, dilapidated flats, pirate radio, urban decay, architecture, and bleakness. One for the 6 am heads that have just left the rave, it is still dark but dawn is breaking, the little arpeggiator lines are like the light just beginning to show. This one is about London, about driving home from raves. The final chord on this track is a tribute to ravers who stay to the end of the night April, a collaboration with Necrobia, took four April’s to complete. Letting the percussion do the talking, the rides dancing with the bassline.

Expectant uses a classic EMS VCS3 synth.This track is a montage of an 8-hour session recording it.. The awkward groove pays respect to the less controllable nature of analogue, similar to how things might not go exactly as we planned in life but it is important to keep trusting we are on the right path.

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