Dyad EP
Ewol & Skylark



Musically speaking a Dyad is a set of two notes or frequencies that often denote a chord. In philosophy Dyad represents the principle of duality. An apt title for Ewol & Skylark’s EP, as they complement and enhance the other’s style.

The Dyad EP was created during a European tour, taking in Switzerland and Portugal the pair spent their days working on music and the evenings testing out their creations on the dance-floor.

Fans of both Skylark’s 2018 Driven EP and Atlas Rise their collaboration with Grey Code in 2017 will find plenty to appreciate here, a varied EP shifting from the growling bass line and lively percussion of Agur, to the progressive, minimal textures of Sabre.

Track listing

1. “Forerunner”
2. “Agur”
3. “Chokehold”
4. “Sabre”

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