Bad Faith EP



Spurring into action already this year, our Dispatch LTD imprint continues in the ethos for supporting upcoming talent, as Leeds based Cruk marks his debut on Dispatch, with the ‘Bad Faith EP’.

Cruk comfortably incorporates dark, malignant soundscapes into his music, without losing any of the groove in the mix; ‘The Moment’ is bursting with energy, but harnessed confidently and ‘Bloodlust’ retains its swing right throughout.

Made up of four tracks in total, the EP identifies as a selection of abrasive beats, with very intricate drum work that cleverly pools contrasting influences, giving each track a distinct identity.

The drums in ‘Bad Faith’ are constantly developing, at first a futuristic Hybris feel, but adopting an old skool pattern at the same time, whilst ‘Shalebridge Cable’ contains both clean cut elements and raw, breaks focused styles too.

Making his mark with a strong first EP, we are proud to welcome Cruk onto Dispatch with this debut.

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