Most Violent Year ALBUM PART 1



*Exclusive Director’s Cut Edition – Only available by our Bandcamp Store and Website – Includes 3 Exclusive Tracks*


01. “Dio”
02. NC-17 & Kumarachi – “Mood Point”
03. “Holy Diver”
04. NC-17 & Dunk – “Dead is Better”
05. “Excellent day for an Exorcism”
06. “Howling In Silence”
07. “I heart computers”
08. [DIRECTOR’S CUT EXCLUSIVE]. “March of the Devil [INTERLUDE]”
09. NC-17 & Dauntless – “Gator”
10. “VoodooIZM”
12. “Razor’s Edge”
13. NC-17 & Yatuza – “Conundrum”
14. NC-17 & Masheen -“Overdue”
15. “Most Violent Year”
16. [DIRECTOR’S CUT EXCLUSIVE] “Beyond The Black Rainbow”

Written during the last 12 months of lockdown, Most Violent Year is the debut album of Canadian producer NC-17. It’s our honour to bring you this incredible body of work from one of dnb’s most exciting talents.

Known by many for his usual style of upfront, high energy, dynamic productions, often influenced by his love of film – particularly grindhouse horror and classic film/exploitation cinema.

Setting out to take the listener on a more profound, darker journey through these influences, Most Violent Year sees NC-17 demonstrate his versatility as a producer. Guiding the listener through a range of styles that might take some by surprise as he makes the very most of the long-player format.

Whilst taking particular influence from the 60s/70s horror classics Rosemary’s Baby, Exorcist and The Omen, NC-17 pays homage to the sound of late 90s tech-step dnb. Featuring collaborations with Kumarachi, Dunk, Dauntless, Yatuza and Masheen, this 13 track monster is lurking in the shadows, ready to take you to the dark side.

Like all good horror movies, more dread is creeping not far behind. Watch this space for the sequel…

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