DIS108 - Hybris & DLR - A New Tomorrow EP

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Hybris & DLR
A New Tomorrow EP



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Merging two of the finest technical wizards this genre has to offer, we are pleased to present the long awaited joint release from Hybris & DLR, entitled ‘A New Tomorrow EP’.

Sharing a mutual respect and support for each other’s music from the very start, the duo collaborates for the first time; in a demonic tech step title track, setting off the EP in fine style.

One solo track apiece follows the collab, as the EP develops into a soundclash of technical prowess, with each artist unleashing their own original strains.

The pair then unite forces, to remix previous label production from each other; as DLR revisits the 2012 killer ‘Crumbled’ in his ‘3rd Time Around Remix’, before Hybris reworks ‘Seeing Sounds’ album track ‘Ask The Question’ alongside MC Fokus.

A fusion of tremendous skill and two unique, well established sounds, we proudly welcome a joint release from two of our favourite producers of the decade so far.

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