Wormatic LP & T-shirt Bundle

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Your chance to save when you buy both the amazing Wormatic LP and the T-shirt featuring the incredible artwork from Cortisol.

Simply choose your choice of T-shirt size, and your choice of format for the album below to get yours today.

Wormatic Tee - Dabs x Cortisol

*Includes a free download of Dispatched 2020 album on release day*

This T-shirt features the incredible artwork from the Dabs Wormatic LP as a large back print, with a Dispatch Recordings logo on the front pocket.

Each shirt comes complete with embroidered black Dispatch Recordings neck and shoulder labels.

100% Combed Cotton Jersey 165g / 4.95oz.

For full size information please see image gallery.

Dabs - Wormatic LP

Digital Track listing

1. CWM
2. Buntlack
3. Walkman (ft. Nymfo)
4. Eardrum
5. Martini (Interlude)
6. Got the Message (ft. Illaman & Kwality)
7. Granulair
8. Sleepless City
9. Adenosine (ft. Quadrant & Iris)
10. Dicotomy (Interlude)
11. Tempra
12. Shape of Things
13. Wednesday
14. Last Note (ft. Wrath)

Vinyl Track listing

2 different coloured vinyl plates matching the album artwork are home to the following tracks -

A. "Eardrum"
B1. "Buntlack"
B2. "Adenosine (ft. Quadrant & Iris)"
C. "Walkman (ft. Nymfo)"
D1. "Shape of Things"
B2. "Sleepless City"

Vinyl version includes digital downloads of the full 14 track LP.