Over the last six years New Zealand’s Borderline has been climbing the International drum & bass ladder with release’s on some of the worlds most well respected record labels, such as State of Mind’s SOM Music, Ant TC1 Dispatch Recordings, BTK’s Dutty Audio, Optiv’s Red Light Recordings, Presha’s Samurai Music & Europe heavy weight labels Citrus, Smptm & Shadybrain.

Borderline has shared the studio with artist such as Teknik, Cern, Menace, Dose, Safire Shapeshifter drummer Johnny Hooves & remixed artist such as Trei, Proktah & most recently Optiv & Enei. Borderline brings a unique sound & style to the global drum & bass community turning heads not only amongst his ever growing fan base but also with some of the international scene’s most respected dj/producers, his tracks gaining dj surrport from such artist’s as State of Mind, Bulletproof, The Upbeats, Gridlok, Kasra, Ant TC1, Optiv, Nymfo, Btk, Psidream, Teknik, Dose & Cern, the list could go on.

Borderline can more than back up his production skills with his dj sets taking the crowd on a action packed ride, indulging in every spectrum of the drum & bass genre from the hard hitters, thru to the funky rollers and right down to the more minimal deeper side.
These true skills has seen him hit the stages with the likes of Klute, Black Sun Empire, Noisia, State of Mind, The Upbeats, Bulletproof, Bad Company, Concord Dawn, Gridlok & the list again could go on.

To sum it all up Borderline’s dj performance’s are nothing short of the best New Zealand has to offer. Keep an ear open & an eye out for this truly talented dj/producer its not the last you’ll be hearing from Borderline.

Dispatch Recordings Releases

2012 – DISLTD006 – Rebellion