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DIS140 – Talkre – Tannauser Gate EP

Talkre (pronounced Talker) is back with another great EP. Following on from the “Isolation EP” on Dispatch Limited earlier this year, DIS140 is his Dispatch Recordings debut with the‘ Tannhauser Gate EP” The EP takes its name from the last words of Roy Batty, lead renegade replicant in Blade Runner. The track itself was built […]

Dispatch Manc 2

Kodiak Productions X DNB Sessions Presents: Dispatch Recordings MCR – 11.10.2019

We head to Manchester’s South Nightclub on the 11th October in assosciation with Kodiak Productions & DnB sessions, with a heavy lineup featuring Ant TC1, Doc Scott, Gerra & Stone, & MC Subliminal. Event page here. Tickets on sale here. Line up: A-Z Alex SLK (UK DEBUT) Ant TC1 Doc Scott Gerra & Stone Kodiak […]


Dub Head – ‘Bring You Back Online’ LP – DISDHMLP001

Dub Head ‘Bring you Back Online’ LP Beatport Exclusive: 23rd August Full Release: 6th September   Ukrainian drum & bass producer Dub Head first began his career as part of the Cybernetic crew in Kiev. His industrial, scientific spin on the genre has since gained him international attention. From his ‘Entropy’ release on imprint Syndrome […]

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