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Zombie Cats – “Tech Dreams” Official Video and Interview

Zombie Cats’ “Tech Dreams” album is built on the human experience and a return to strength. An innovative album that continues to push modern dnb forward, whilst at the same time fully representing the golden era, classic tech drum and bass sound that continues to inspire Zombie Cats. “Tech Dreams” features collaborations with Waeys, TI […]

Mister Shifter links up with Fanu for ‘DISDUB22’ on Dispatch

Mister Shifter teams up with his close friend Fanu yet again, this time on Dispatch Dubplate for ‘DISDUB22’. Two producers who share a profound love of sampling and manipulating fresh breakbeats, showcase what they do best on this 4-track release. Check out the premiere of “Reverse Dawn” from Fanu via the Data Transmission article here