Zombie Cats & Redemptive
Centauri / Slipped



1. “Centauri”
2. “Slipped”

Dispatch Store Release Date – 29/09/2023
General Release Date – 13/10/2023

Zombie Cats return to the label for their next release for Dispatch Recordings, alongside Redemptive for Centauri / Slipped.

Having met through Zombie Cats’ own label CREATURED, it didn’t take long to realise their production styles would vibe. Sharing a detailed approach to atmosphere, sound design, and musicality it was clear that their sounds would combine effortlessly.

The track “Centauri” is inspired by the animated series BoJack Horseman. The main character is a horse with a human body and is set in the late 90’s. As devotees of the classic timeless dnb that has its roots in the 90’s, the name Horseman seemed perfect. Translated into Latin it gave the final title “Centauri”.

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