Process (Album)



01. “Process”
02. “Vision”
03. “Tedious”
04. “Spend It All”
05. “The Groove”
06. Genic & Fokus – “Ruff Dem”
07. “Panic”
08. “Say it (Affirmation)”
09. “Blue Skies”
10. “Endurance”
11. “Unforgiven”
12. “Ruff Dem (instrumental) – BANDCAMP & WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE”

Since their first release for Dispatch in 2019, Genic have gone from strength to strength. With multiple releases and features for Dispatch alongside releases for Sauce Recordings, Sofa Sound and Dutty Audio, the Genic sound continues to evolve.

Two years since their debut album “Rough Nights”, the full-length follow-up reflects their growth as artists and reinforces their unique take on the genre. Their sophomore LP, “Process” is packed with filtered funk and that classic Genic sound, but also reveals a deeper, more melodic side to their production.

This 11-track masterpiece includes a stellar collaboration with the celebrated MC, Fokus, adding another layer of dynamism to their already impressive repertoire.

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