Cymatic is a 4-producer collaboration project based in the UK. Quantum Soul, Ruckspin, DLR and Octane are all experienced producers working with experimental sounds in an attempt to move sound culture forward in their own inimitable way.

“As a unit of two duos, Cymatic has something undeniably fresh on their hands, as this quadrangle of dubstep and drum n’ bass producers lock horns. Their mark on the sound will, without doubt, inspire a handful of others to further the ideas expressed here, as they are still clearly in open-development… Cymatic certainly has a lot up their collective sleeve to come.” Words: James Cotterell (

Dispatch Recordings Releases

2012 – DISODLP001 – Duck & Cover – Featuring Cymatic
2012 – DISODLP001 – Breakthrough – Featuring Cymatic
2012 – DISODLP001 – Turn Over the Page – Featuring Cymatic
2012 – DISODLP001 – Apotheosis – Featuring Cymatic