Fathom Audio

Members: Billion, Sense MC, Codebreaker MC, Fybe

Labels: Dispatch Ltd, Alignment Recordings, Dutty Audio, Proximity Recordings, Diffrent Music

Support From: Laurent Garnier, London Elektricity, Rockwell, Vicious Circle, Data, Jazzy M, Ant TC1, Ulterior Motive, FD, Amoss, Youngsta, DLR, Skeptical, Cern, DBR UK, Marky, BTK, EBK, Hunchbak & Dexta, Basher, Lynx, Alix Perez, Universal Project, Anile, Tokyo Prose, Nick Bee, Foreign Concept, Fade, Aphonic, Es.tereo, Nocturnal, Cold Fusion, John Rolodex, Sinistarr, Clarity, Dexcell, Arkaik, Script, Meth, Soul Intent, Dakosa, Most Wanted.

Tracks featured in podcasts: Metalheadz, Hospital Records, Shogun Audio, Subtitles Music, Voodoo Music, Renegade Hardware, Samurai Music, Offkey, Horizons, Proximity Recordings & Diffrent Music.

Dispatch Recordings Releases

2011 – DISLTD004 – Clear the Mist

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