Hidden Agenda

From 1996 and onwards to 1998 ‘Dispatch’ formed a series of tracks from the Hidden Agenda brothers (3 in total) that appeared on Goldie’s Metalheadz imprint. Then following the series came ‘Dispatch’ the label in 2001 with the first release (Dispatch no. 4) being from the Hidden Agenda brothers themselves under their solo ‘Nos’ & ‘Max Fresh’ titles with the tracks “New Day / Quiet Day”.

Although brothers Mark and Jason Goodings didn’t begin releasing records until the mid-90s, they had been working together as a production/mixing team from the beginning of the decade. Based in Newcastle, UK.

Dispatch Recordings Releases

2001 – DIS004 – New Day / Quiet Days
2003 – DIS010 – Daylight / Shut Down