Its a very familiar tale..Modern sounds leak through the bedroom door of older siblings and so begins the education- from Warp recordings to Creation recordings and everything inbetween.

Fed a steady diet of good music since a young age Khanage would not be able to shake of the importance of music throughout his life.

After moving to London in 2000 Khanage began to make roads into the scene via help promote parites and such like, however it was when he joined London legendary RudeFM 88.2 (Thak you DJ E) that things began to take shape.

It was on RudeFM Khanage met with Lethal United through a love of diverse beats Khanage and Lethal decided to work in the studio together…it wasn’t long before Ohm resistance, USA (Much love to Kurt Submerged) took notice and began to release the pairs music- starting with frenzy that was ‘Misbegotten Souls’ and continuing on with 12″ releases and major contributions to Obliterati (see discography).

The pair decided to explore their love of techno and the track Jawbreaker was borne! Described as ‘Jeff Mills running the through a rainforest’ and by DJ Magazine as “Shrill, shocking tech…and most importantly a strong and solid wind your waist groove” (4 stars out of five) the track caught the ears of pioneers DJ/Producer Raiden for his new project Offkey Recordings, a project that would catapault its artists into the limelight

More Music followed by the pair for Offkey, including contributions to the labels massive debut album ‘The Firm’ and remixes.

Khanage is now concentrating on solo work aswell as ongoing collaboratiin projects with Raiden/ Resound/ Loxy/June Miller/ Bio-method & Rockwell amongst others

Dispatch Recordings Releases

2012 – DIS063 – Siege Mentality