MC Kemo

“The cosmopolitical super-MC”
Headliner Mag

DJ Fabio calls it “Electronic Genius”. Laurent Garnier thinks he is “Brilliant!” ATM, MixMag, KMag regularly award KEMO tracks: “Tune of the Month”. We think its deep, cinematic club music that is even better headphone sax. But, … what do YOU think?!

2012 was a big year for KEMO, featuring on the highly acclaimed DRS LP with “Renegade”, on Octane & DLR’s “Clarity” and the absolutely massive “Pure Gold” by Callyx & Teebee.

KEMO’s global upbringing has allowed him to absorb to a wide variety of cultures and experiences, a fact that is clearly reflected in his musical work: he is currently also working on Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Broken Beat and Hip Hop tracks with a variety of producers. KEMO has worked with big names across genres: Breakage, Zed Bias, LYNX, Callyx & Teebee, Octane & DLR, Matt Flores, SPY, DRS… just to name a few.Labels featuring KEMO are as diverse as RAM, Soul:r, Digital Soundboy, Unique, Combination Records, Edel, Etage noir and Lebensfreude.

2007 and LYNX & KEMO’s first release Global Enemies saw its release on Soul:r to accolades by the scene’s top DJs. Closely followed by the equally impressive Carnivale later in 2007 it firmly cemented LYNX & KEMO as the most exciting and original D&B acts to surface in years. The LYNX & KEMO album “The Raw Truth” was nominated as best album of the year and KEMO was nominated as best newcomer of the year 2008.

The Raw Truth is an album resplendent with influences, combining hip hop, soul, dubstep and downtempo, while staying undeniably rooted in its drum and bass roots. Each track possesses subtle detail that guarantees longevity, ensuring there is something new to discover on each re‐listen; songs are reduced to their very essence, emphasizing as much the space in between the music as the music itself.

RAM – Soul:R – Digital Soundboy – Critical – Dispatch – Detail – Combination – Unique – Etage Noir – Edel – Lebensfreude …

Dispatch Recordings Releases

2012 – DISODLP001 – Clarity – Featuring Kemo