My name is Greg and I’m addicted to bass.

It started around 1997, when i heard the first drum and bass track in my life. I became a fanatic after the first dose. You know it’s very addictive. First I was just partying and listening to tracks every day, but I felt like I needed more dnb to achieve the same effect like the first time, so i decided to make some music for myself around 1997. It was cool for a while but my friends also became addicted to it, so they asked me to make some more and more to feed their hunger for basslines. Then i realized i became a producer and a dj.

Later in 2003 we made a deal with the DSCI4 godfather Dj Trace, who decided to spread my product. I had to give a name for it: Mindscape.

In 2007 we had a big business in collaboration with Chris.Su, Jade, Hydro and Ryme Tyme under the control of the Citrus gang but I got busted with a big amount of dnb, I remember this just as the “Black Lotus” incident.

People loved my stuff, so the business started to grow. I needed some help of my fellow bass junkies and producing partners: SKC, Audio, Gridlok just to name a few, and I remixed and got remixed some infamous criminals’s stuff like Cause 4 Concern, Black Sun Empire, Break, Noisia, Zero Method, Dose and the list goes on, and spreaded my product through dangerous cartels like Bad Taste, Eatbrain, P51 and other notorious gangs.

Dispatch Recordings Releases

2011 – DIS050 – Pest Kontrol