Brought together by the beats and bass of what we know as dnb, Spinline are made up of Hungarian threesome: Mark Gulacsi, Norbert Safar and Andras Tallai and have been making their mark on the drum and bass / electronic scene for the past 6 years with some of the most exciting, forward thinking, funk fused music around. With the trio forming what we now know as ‘Spinline’ back in 2003 it has been all systems go since then with releases on some of dnb’s leading imprints such as Ram, Shogun, Dispatch and more.

With the likes of Chris SU, SKC, Mindscape and the Tactile collective giving Mark, Norbert and Andras some sterling advice along the way, aswell as some work with Naibu and Hydro in the studio, AND a blessing from the musical Guru that is Martyn, it took Spinline around 2 years from formation to get some of their music on wax with L Plates and Mathematics wasting little time to snap up their early material. Since then we have seen huge tracks such as ‘Radioactive’ on Shogun’s SGN:LTD and of course one of the biggest tracks of 2010 ‘Run’ on Ram Records, also featured on the highly prolific ‘Nightlife’ Mix series.

With sound which they don’t like to define we can expect a wide range of the electronic spectrum to appear in Spinline’s tracks with influences coming from inside and out of dnb from artists such as: Mos Def, Daft Punk, Carl Craig, Jonny L, Marcus Intalex and Calibre, the list goes on, although one thing in their sound they say will stay constant: Deep & Rolling.

These wide and varied influences create a real individual and unique sound which is very apparent in each Spinline track which has seen more and more labels to get in line to sign some material, as with their productions the Spinline DJ shows have also been getting massive attention with appearances in the UK, Europe and further afield. With collaborations in the past 2 years with Hydro, Icicle, Data, Keza, Octane, DLR, Kasra its certainly an exciting time for them, and us!

Dispatch Recordings Releases

2009 – DIS035 – Irreverse / Nothing More
2011 – DISLP002 – Blindfolded
2011 – DISLP002 – Made Guy
2011 – DIS050 – Artificial
2012 – DIS059 – Darpa / Monday Luv (Chronic)