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DISLTD067 – Talkre – Isolation EP

Four tracks of rolling funk form the latest release on Dispatch Limited, with newcomer to the label Talkre on production duties. “The Bug” opens this EP with growling synth and staccato beats, the mechanical, robotic funk of “Skynet” is up next, before the tough stepping, precision of “Cold One” and the title track “Isolation” complete […]


DISLTD065 – Ben Soundscape, Roygreen, Protone + Ill Truth

Ben Soundscape joins forces with Roygreen & Protone for the next release in the Dispatch Limited series. This international collaboration is the result of regular journeys from Bristol to Vienna, preferring to work in the studio together rather than over the internet and we think the results speak for themselves. Featuring the incredible vocal talents […]


DISNYLP001 – Nymfo – Pictures On Silence LP

Dutch drum & bass artist Nymfo has firmly established himself as both a DJ and producer. Since 2007 he’s found himself in the libraries of essential imprints such as Commercial Suicide (where he released his debut album ‘Characters’), CIA Records, Spearhead, Metalheadz, Hospital Records, and Ram, stretching his energetic, brilliantly crafted music throughout a variety […]


Dissident – Side Streets EP – DISLTD064

Veteran of the Russian Drum and Bass scene Dissident brings us this nostalgic sounding EP, taking influence from the early sound of Dispatch Recordings, or labels such as Certificate 18. Tucked away from the polished veneer and bright façade of the high street, behind the commercial fronts are hidden side streets, presenting the realness of […]

DIS136 - brl02-04-05-insomnia-ep-banner-tw

Black Barrel – Insomnia EP – DIS136

Black Barrel is back on Dispatch with a journey through the creative process that happens during the midnight hour; when insomnia bites and the imagination can flourish. Making the most of late night inspiration, Black Barrel vents his restless mind and lays down grooves full of thoughts of late night parties and underground clubs. With […]


DIS135 – Wreckless – Earthquakes & Whispers EP

Stressed Out is about facing big deadlines, about the gaps and space being as important as the tear out sections; a tune to sympathise with the erratic madness that is ‘meeting deadlines’. Sometimes it seems that people are looking at the world through the lens that craves ground shattering, earth-quaking emotion. More often than not, […]


DISDBSLP001 – Dabs – Wormatic LP

The next concept album on Dispatch comes from Italian maestro Dabs. His tech-funk layered drum & bass has often provided stand-out selections, with his name becoming a staple at parties across the likes of Europe, Australia and South America. The high-energy, technically trained producer has offered up a massive package of tracks to capitalize on […]


DIS134 – Rizzle – Abstraction EP

Rizzle is back on Dispatch with a four track EP, marking the start of a new creative process for this label favourite. Made entirely from digital synths instead of his previous external synth based production, the Abstraction EP sees Rizzle leaving the vintage samplers and off board kit to one side, to focus on sound […]


DISLTD063 – Mosaic

This two track EP is the first release for newcomers to the label, Mosaic. Made up of Ben Soundscape and Superior Selectionz, Mosaic have been making music together for the last 8 years, focussing on drum & bass with a moody, atmospheric edginess that translates well to the dancefloor. Misty features live guitar from Rick […]


DISLTD062 – Natural Forces – Sub Rosa EP

DISLTD062 brings a new name to Dispatch Limited – Natural Forces. Originally one half of Basic Unit, Ben is no stranger to the world of drum and bass – having previous releases on Moving Shadow, Frontline, Flex and their own label – Deepest Cut. After a10 year hiatus following a studio fire in Leeds, and […]


DIS132 – Tephra & Arkoze – In Life EP

Tephra & Arkoze are back again with an EP packed full of collaborations and some of their best music to date. Long time friends Paolo & Hillzy worked with the pair for two tunes-the title track “In Life” and also “Work it Out”, where they are joined by another long-time Dispatch favourite, MC Fokus. “Perceptions” […]


DISDUB013 – Beta 2 & Zero T

The next instalment of the Dispatch Dubplate series is brought to you by the classic combination of Beta 2 & Zero T. From the rough and rugged “Amalfi” to the dreamy digital exclusive “Like Yesterday”, this release showcases the broad spectrum of magic that happens when these two get together. Staying true to the spirit […]

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