DIS106 – Nymfo & Phase – Bristol Bombay EP

Two of the finest Dutch & Belgian exports combine flavours for the first time
in the collaborative ‘Bristol Bombay EP’.

In a fusion of styles marrying together so naturally it feels intrinsic, the geographical
neighbours perfectly complement one another; from the lush harmonics to brutal bass.

Creating what already feels like an essential Dispatch release, Nymfo & Phase cover all bases expertly, with the authentically old skool inspired ‘Duvel’ to the tantalizing roller ‘Bulldog’ and a guest feature from lyricist Sense on ‘Beautiful Suicide’.


Superbly balancing musicality with technical fervour, the Nymfo & Phase combo is every bit as impressive as we could have hoped for!

Buy links:
• Dispatch store (vinyl & digital): http://bit.ly/dis106b
• Bandcamp (vinyl & digital): http://bit.ly/DIS106BC
• Beatport (digital): http://bit.ly/DIS106BP
• Spotify (digital): http://bit.ly/DIS106SP
• i-Tunes (digital): http://bit.ly/DIS106IT
• Redeye Records (vinyl): http://bit.ly/DIS106Redeye
• Juno Records (vinyl): http://bit.ly/DIS106Juno
• Intense Records (vinyl): http://bit.ly/DIS106IntRecs
• Juno Download (digital): http://bit.ly/DIS106JDL
• Amazon (digital): http://bit.ly/DIS106AMZ