DISLTD031 – Dub Head – Bad Signal EP

Dub Head makes his return to Dispatch LTD with a debut EP this February; a four track release entitled ‘Bad Signal EP’.

Joining us last year with a single featuring ‘Spaceship’ and later contributing ‘Black Hole’ to our Dispatch #100 compilation, the Ukrainian has quickly cast his own distinction within the label, gaining solid support from Noisia, DLR and Skeptical.

Impressing us from the start, with his innate understanding of the groove within drum & bass, the new EP builds upon this, with all the elements geared towards expressing exactly that; from the crispness in the drums, to his routinely smooth,pumping low ends.

Whether it’s a more chilled out affair, like the delicate chords of ‘Cepheid’, or a darker tip, like title track ‘Bad Signal’, there is always a distinct swing leading the track, an unmistakable groove that Dub Head has a natural ability to create.

Adding a touch of quality of his productions, with a unique simplicity, Dub Head continues to keep us enthused.



• Dispatch store: http://bit.ly/disltd031
• Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/BadSignal
• Beatport: http://bit.ly/2DubHLTD031
• i-Tunes: smarturl.it/DISLTD031