Black Barrel
Bad Boy Tune / Dirty Dance



1. “Bad Boy Tune”
2. “Dirty Dance”

Early Dispatch Store release date – 18/02/2022
General Release date – 04/03/2022

Black Barrel returns to Dispatch for this special two-track release that sees him pay homage to the artists that have inspired and influenced his own sound in some way.

‘Bad Boy Tune’ is inspired by the legendary Dillinja, whose genre-defining sound helped shape drum and bass in its formative years. Considered by many as the godfather of heavyweight bass, we’re honoured to have his blessing on this tune (which features a sample of him taken from an infamous interview with the man himself).

‘Dirty Dance’ takes inspiration from Noisia, the versatile Dutch trio’s ever-evolving and progressive sound being another integral influence on Black Barrel’s own musical output.

Both tunes feature that trademark Black Barrel magic, a welcome return to the label (and the first of many from this talented artist) for 2022.

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