Black Barrel
Just Keep My Life
Album Sampler




1. “Bad Trip”
2. “I Love You” – Album Sampler Exclusive

Black Barrel began his journey under the banners of Dispatch, with his first album on the label a defining part of his rise as an artist. The Russian native has since proven his weight. And following a host of Eps and his debut album ‘Last Frontier’ in 2018, he’s now firmly established himself from newcomer to a frequent part of setlists across the drum & bass genre.

The album entitled ‘Just Keep My Life’ which is due to drop this September from Black Barrel sees him grow his production repertoire and dip into uncharted territories, proving that he’s not yet finished evolving his artistry.

This two track sampler features the breaks heavy ‘Bad Trip’ and the sampler exclusive track ‘I love You’ setting the tone for the forthcoming album – one which will stand as another rung in the ladder towards the producers rise as a face renowned worldwide within drum & bass.

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