Under Another Sky Album Sampler


Setting the wheels in motion for his forthcoming “Under Another Sky LP”, Cern opens his 2nd studio album with three teaser tracks to wet your beak. An artist who never shies from experimentation, whilst consistently striking a chord deep down, Cern offers a sample of the damage, reflection and reconstruction that lies ahead.

Starting things off with a track exclusively available for this album sampler, “Tiamat” loosens the reigns and unleashes a storm that matures below the surface, retaining composure and clout all the while. Named after an ancient goddess that embodied primordial chaos, Cern engineers a perfect set opener with precision; low ends striking right at the chest.

As the dust clears in the aftermath of bedlam, the tempo relaxes somewhat as we are welcomed by “What We Bring Upon Ourselves”. The orchestral introduction is profound, yet cautious and thought-provoking. Delicate strings and serene chords evoke a warm glow, enveloping vinyl crackles in a truly sublime musical interlude.

This leads smoothly into the superbly layered “Conway”, which picks the pace back up, but teasing, in playful, almost tormenting fashion. Initially subtle and ultra-stripped, it quickly gathers momentum with menacing drive. Breathtaking amen flashes emerge sporadically, before retreating to minimal flickers; masterfully controlling the dance.

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