Say What You Want EP (Digital)


Bouncing back onto Dispatch with the first of two new EPs, DBR UK arrive with four tracks that make up their “Say What You Want EP”, alongside vocal support from Amanda Seal.

Opening with “Paranoia”, its serious roller business from the Luton based trio; an essential head swinger for the arsenal. Dark, raucous beats form the core of the EP, as the sirens of rap tinged “Kick’n Ya Door” echo over the murky, twisted low ends in a raw encounter.

Offering an escape from the darkness, title track “Say What You Want” takes a more retrospective stance, with the vocals of Amanda Seal softly balancing between the emotions. Skipping to the last track and vocals harmonise with lighter pads, only to set the calm scene before “The Storm”. Structured features on the final track to close off the EP in explosive DBR fashion.

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