Constant EP



With two stellar EPs for Dispatch already under his belt, the next release sees the Italian virtuoso Dabs return to the label with “The Constant EP”, featuring two exclusive and original productions, plus another two fresh takes on previous Dabs tracks for Dispatch.

Kicking off where the last EP left off, Dabs has reworked previous title track “Objection” into a neck snapping menace of a VIP, with bleeps of the original jittering fervently over thumping new low ends. Following this is the next collaboration with Cern, ahead of his own album for Dispatch. With an air of extra-terrestrial isolation to the start, “Alter Ego” showcases the pair’s incredible technical prowess, with a fierce and uncompromising stomper for the dancefloor.

Cern & Dabs also receive the remix treatment from Villem & Mcleod for their melancholic “Hell Rose” in wonderfully subtle fashion; retaining much of the musicality, with the added warmth of a fresh, pulsating bassline. Closing the EP off with the mystical, yet percussion strewn “I Can Feel”, Dabs completes another very high quality package and one that shows why we continue to release his music here at Dispatch!

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