Amoss & Fre4knc / Amoss
Oxide / Hold Back / Skittles


We have been eagerly awaiting their return to Dispatch and in Spring 2015, we are pleased to welcome back Amoss to the label for a three track single.

Developing their signature sound and technical prowess, the duo balance a mixed palette of styles for various moods, demonstrating a maturity and increased versatility in production in their first label release since the acclaimed ‘State of Suspension EP’.

Jumping straight in at the deep end, the pair set off the release with a much anticipated first collaboration with Dutch counterpart Fre4knc, for ‘Oxide’. Sinister growls cut across this ominous stepper, held in check by a clean, yet brutal bassline that retains all the deadly energy of the track, whilst smoothly cutting through the mix.

Switching the flavours and vibes, Amoss allow their Special Forces influences to seep through with ‘Hold Back’. An inquest into the percussive elements, the pressure is raised to deliver a high octane drum focused workout. A careful selection of toms and snares give the track a very organic, almost live feel.

Taking things up a notch towards the fatal crescendo, the London based duo journey a little darker on the destructive ‘Skittles’. Combining haunting atmospherics, razor sharp beats and unrelenting technical stabs ahead of and following the drop, this neck snapper was built for the dancefloor, possessing all necessary formulae for chaos.

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