Marching Machines EP


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Our first outing on the main Dispatch label in 2016, we are pleased to welcome back Nymfo for his debut EP; a fearsome four tracker entitled ‘Marching Machines’.

The EP succeeds two superb singles from the Dutchman, with an infectious style that catches us every time; uncompromising on the lower frequencies, but always funk induced; controlled technical mid ranges are used strictly to facilitate the groove; never excessive or superfluous.

Nymfo combines forces with label stalwart DLR on opening track ‘Affliction’, which true to its title, inflicts its deadly scourge from the off, with flashing sirens giving an air of anarchy and disorder; developing throughout, with ultra-crisp drums pattering and shifting over.

Up next is ‘Forward Motion’, which sees Nymfo collaborate with the mighty Total Science for the very first time, in a tantalizingly dark manner. Pushing the speakers to the threshold, the bassline carries through with formidable force, as vocal snippet ‘Forward’ echoes atop.

Following on, is title track ‘Marching Machines’, setting the tone for the EP as mechanical whirrs murmur over playful, skipping drum work. Equipped with carefully selected samples, the track combines numerous elements, whilst offering space in all the right spaces to reach its goal.

Last but certainly not least, ‘Pitchfork’ completes the EP, since first featuring in his Radio 1 mix back in August. Paying homage to the ‘Wormhole’ sound of the 90s, Nymfo gives his own distinctive future twist to a classic style; increasing the intensity, but retaining all the groove.

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