Gerra & Stone
Unbreakable Remix EP


With the dust settled from Gerra & Stone’s Unbreakable EP, we invite some of their favourite producers to give their own slant on the tracks.

Developing on the original elements from last year’s superb EP, the three remixers each take things in unique directions, amply reflecting the duo’s diverse palette of influences.

Zero T provides the remix treatment for title track ‘Unbreakable’, to deliver a soulful, more rolling rendition, with a warm low end groove, rehashing the sultry vocals of Lucy Kitchen (plus a bonus instrumental version).

Blocks & Escher transform the more gritty ‘Plates’ into an old skool percussive pursuit reminiscent of Special Forces, slowing things right down and bringing eerie atmospherics to the foreground, to give a real authentic feel.

Mako then revisits ‘Almost U’, with his ‘Faithful Remix’ providing more of a stepping approach. Remaining true to the original, the piano, string and brass elements are consolidated and carried by a heavily dubbed out bassline.

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