Homemade Weapons & MC Fokus
Chrysalis EP


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A voice synonymous with the Dispatch sound, echoing across the globe at label events and in numerous tracks, we are pleased to welcome vocalist MC Fokus for his debut artist EP, led by Seattle based Homemade Weapons at the helm, to create the ‘Chrysalis EP’.

Setting out dark, brooding atmospheres with great dexterity, Fokus retains a passion that you can feel in his delivery both on stage in the music and this release sees him ‘breaking out the chrysalis’, to cement his reputation as a recording artist, as well as a club MC.

Homemade Weapons also debuts, masterminding the production with four ice cold cuts to perfectly compliment Fokus’ style; stripped back, minimal and sub heavy beats, with additional production features from Dispatch stalwarts Cern and DBR UK.

Delivering menace with eloquence, Fokus ties off an impressive debut EP and when combined with Homemade Weapons, the results are formidable.

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