M-zine & Scepticz
Diffraction EP


Two of Belgium’s finest are back on Dispatch, as M-zine & Scepticz re-open their arsenal for the ‘Diffraction EP’, their first solo EP on our main Dispatch Recordings label.

Leading on from single ‘Nether/Obviate’ last September, the duo continue their purple patch with another nugget of fantastic music, continuing to surprise with every step. The EP keeps a journey flowing, as M-zine & Scepticz cover four corners, switching up the style to keep things fresh and interesting.

Gritty from the off, title track ‘Diffraction’ opens the EP; a lurid, murmuring stepper, but the vibe develops throughout the release, with tough amen flickers pattering over sci-fi atmospherics on ‘Last Time’.

Following suit, vocalist MC Gusto features in off-beat roller ‘Few Things On My Mind’, as narratives glide over sub-low waves, before ending the EP on a more tranquil tip with ‘Bent’, as deep bass tones accompany warm, intimate chords.

Crafting their vibes with precision and subtlety, M-zine & Scepticz present an impressive debut EP for us at Dispatch.

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