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Spirit House EP



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*EARLY RELEASE DATE: 06/11/2017 via Dispatch Website & Bandcamp ONLY. GENERAL RELEASE DATE: 10/11/17 for all other stores*

Making his long-awaited Dispatch return, Cern brings us the superb ‘Spirit House EP’.

In only the second release since his 2014 album ‘Under Another Sky’, we are instantly reminded of the Kiwi’s talents, casting his own shadow with rolling vibes of the highest order.

Although no longer a UK resident, the EP feels very much like a homecoming for us at Dispatch, as we proudly welcome one of our most celebrated label acts in recent years.

Building suspense expertly and with resounding alchemy, Cern presents a collection of tracks with timeless value, further elevating his reputation as one of the scene’s finest producers.

Vinyl tracklist

A [VINYL EXCLUSIVE]. “Spirit House VIP (Creeper Mix)”
B1. “Deformity”
B1. “Geometry”
B2. “Premonition”

Vinyl purchase includes all available digital tracks in 320kbps mp3 and wav, including the digital exclusives, however the vinyl exclusive track is not available to download anywhere

Digital Release

1. “Deformity”
2. “Premonition”
3. [digital exclusive] “Freak Of Nature”
4. [digital exclusive] “Spirit House”

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