Omega Point EP




1. Kolectiv – “The Third Perspectiv”
2. Kolectiv & Survey – “Age Of Enlightenment”
3. Kolectiv – “Omega Point”
4. Kolectiv & Philth – “Red Shift”

Kolectiv make their return to Dispatch this June, with the Omega Point EP.

Since their first appearance on Dispatch LTD four years ago, Kolectiv have been purveyors of the deep, percussive, rolling side of DnB and a safe bet for bullying subs.

‘Omega Point’ sees the trio at their most accomplished yet; with technical intricacies honed to deadly accord and a polished delivery without losing its raw intensity.

With guest collaborators Philth & Survey also featuring, Kolectiv continue their journey further into the cosmos with a stellar EP on the main label.

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