Come Cross EP



*EARLY RELEASE DATE: 02/07/18 via Dispatch Website & Bandcamp ONLY. GENERAL RELEASE DATE: 06/07/18 for all other stores*


1. “Come Cross”
2. “Heat”
3. “Neon”
4. “Subversion”

Bringing his own unique flavours to the label, we are proud to welcome French native War to Dispatch for his debut solo release; the ‘Come Cross EP’.

Often involved in collabs (such as Hydro & Mateba on our Transit 2 LP), ‘Come Cross’ enables War to showcase his own traits; exploring his own personal influences.

War traces his musical heritage from current Bristol residency right back to his early days; growing up around musicians from a very young age, as illustrated by the cover.

‘Come Cross’ sees War fusing his inspirations all as one; coupling heavy bassweight pressure with dark grooves and intricate drum work.

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