Philth & Wreckless
Heimlich EP



1. “Heimlich Savage”
2. “Surge Wave”
3. “On My Mind”
4. “Entropy”

Their first full release together on Dispatch, the mighty pairing of Philth & Wreckless join forces on the ‘Heimlich EP’.

Hoisting together some serious hurters in the past such as ‘The Circle’, one studio session took a turn for the worst when Philth inadvertently choked on a piece of steak.

Wreckless quickly came to the rescue, performing a well-timed Heimlich manoeuvre to save the day and thus, the ‘Heimlich EP’ was born (true story!).

A naturally formed duo, Philth & Wreckless compliment and assist each other’s styles effortlessly.

However, as a disclaimer, Dispatch cannot be held responsible for any subsequent food related accidents that may occur whilst listening to this music.

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