Black Barrel
Wild EP


With the ink barely dry from his superb ‘Last Frontier’ album, Black Barrel returns to Dispatch, with his follow up; the ‘Wild EP’.

The Russian prodigy is barely containable right now, lashing out quality productions with unabating desire, on a near daily basis; ‘Wild’ is an understatement.

Constantly shifting and slewing at every corner, the ‘Wild EP’ reflects Black Barrel’s technical obsession, delivered at blistering pace.

With a collaboration with Kyrist, but mostly comprised of solo tracks, Black Barrel leads the next generation of Dispatch Recordings, into 2019 and beyond.

1. “Wild” – Black Barrel
2. “Ultra Violence” – Black Barrel
3. “Escape” – Black Barrel
4. “Run in the Dark” – Black Barrel
5. “Singularity” – Black Barrel
6. “Field of Whispers” – Black Barrel & Kyrist

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