Tannhauser Gate EP



Talkre (pronounced Talker) is back with another great EP. Following on from the “Isolation EP” on Dispatch Limited earlier this year, DIS140 is his Dispatch Recordings debut with the “Tannhauser Gate EP”

The EP takes its name from the last words of Roy Batty, lead renegade replicant in Blade Runner. The track itself was built using a late 70s Yamaha CS-50 synth, the little brother of the CS-80 used by Vangelis to score the cult film.

5 tracks of cinematic, futuristic soundscapes lovingly crafted in his trademark style, Talkre is one name you’re going to be hearing a lot more this year.

The Dispatch Exclusive track “Colours” is only available on official Dispatch store and Bandcamp – it is not available on any other platforms.

Track listing

1. “Ares”
2. “Tannhauser Gate”
3. “Charon”
4. “Clockworks”
5. “Absolution”
6. Dispatch Store Exclusive – “Colours”

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