Life Cycle EP



Early Dispatch Release Date – 16th September 2019
General Release Date – 20th September 2019

Berlin based duo Survey are regular contributors to the Dispatch back catalogue, having featured on collaborative releases with Kolectiv, Tephra & Arkoze, M-zine & Scepticz and releasing two of their own EPs on Dispatch Limited, 2017s Sidewalks EP and 2018s Basic Motion EP.

DIS143 sees their solo Dispatch Recordings EP debut for the Life Cycle EP – fives tracks of their own signature sound, finely detailed, textural experimentation with rolling drums and bass. Be it the rugged dance-floor energy of “Far Gone”, or the nostalgic, explorative title track “Life Cycle”

“Sensory”, a collaboration with Phase, originally started life as a Phase remix of another Survey tune, they liked the original elements so much they stripped out the remix stems and worked it into the heavyweight beast you find on this EP.

Track listing

1. “Far gone”
2. “Sensory” – Survey & Phase
3. “Shining”
4. “Whisper”
5. “Life cycle”

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