The Sinners EP



Early Dispatch Release Date – 10th February 2020

General Release Date – 14th February 2020

Returning from 5 years producing techno as Vinicius Honorio, DIS145 sees a return to drum and bass for BTK with four tracks fused with influence from across the board.

A previous version of ‘The Means Justified The Ends’ was supported by Spirit and features a vocal taken from a conversation with a friend in a bar, whilst discussing the old school. With some recent attention to this unfinished track BTK went back to the lab, and gave it a brand new mixdown for this release.

‘The Sinners Are Winners’ had also had support from Ed Rush but was assumed lost following a hard drive failure. After rediscovering the project in a backup, we are now proud to include this monster in BTK’s return to the genre.

Encapsulating percussive raw elements with a b-boy/hip-hop flavour, BTK and Friske’s ‘Legit’ is a collaboration that took many years to complete.

Drum and bass heavily influenced BTK’s sound for his techno alias, and the track ‘Stay With Me’ is a reflection of his experience with techno, carried through to his 174bpm productions.

Expect further material for Dispatch in the pipeline from BTK across 2020.


1. “The Means Justifies The Ends” – BTK
2. “Legit” – BTK & Friske
3. “The Sinners Are Winners” – BTK
4. “Stay With Me” – BTK

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