Lloyd’s Building at Night EP



‘Nightmare Fuel’ was written one morning after vivid nightmares, trying to capture the chaos and intensity of dreams. Just like recurring dreams certain elements repeat throughout the track. The delays and oddly processed percussion were made to give an ethereal atmosphere. Recognisably DnB but distorted from the norm, just like in nightmares.

Inspired by the architecture of the ‘Lloyd’s Building at Night’ lit up beautifully this track echoes the design of that famous building. The pipework, staircases and lifts are all put on the outside of the building so that the inside of the building can be free and open. There is a beauty in proudly displaying features that are not ‘perfect’. This is carried into the track with structural elements proudly displayed and intentionally out of place.

‘Rice and Avocado’ is a collaboration with Sweetpea, jokingly named after the only meal Wreckless could offer whilst working on the tune together, having been pre-occupied finding samples and ideas instead of preparing to be a host! The name stuck and what a track it is, packed with the call and response of contrasting musical elements, tailored to balance each other – a regular feature of their combinations.

‘Shadow Cabinet’ is another comment on Politics, a musical reminder that creative rebellion is a valid option to inspire change. The three bass stabs before the drop are designed to represent the foot stomps of the famous 1984 quote – ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on the human face, forever.’ Fading all the surrounding elements so that this is the most prominent element. The tune is bleak and dystopian in reference to the George Orwell novel.

‘Plex Lenses’ was inspired by the NI instrument Polyplex. This was used to create all of the drums in the track, some of the auxiliary synths are from morphed Polyplex samples. The main acid bassline is from a Virus. Experimenting with these instruments and finding a new workflow proved a worthwhile experiment.


1. “Nightmare Fuel”
2. “Lloyd’s Building at Night”
3. “Rice and Avocado” – Wreckless & Sweetpea
4. “A Picture of the Future”
5. “Shadow Cabinet Meeting”
6. “Plex Lenses”

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