Darkslide / Lust / Between the Lines (ft. Zombie Cats)



For DIS151 we welcome ChaseR to the label with this weighty debut Dispatch release. Hailing from Astrakhan in Russia, ChaseR has for a long time been influenced by the UK Music scene. For this release he has drawn inspiration from that culture and put together three tracks that are perhaps not typical for his usual output.

Packed with the cold, dark atmospherics and old school, basement party ethos; ChaseR has applied his new school production to the same theme and delivered the smoke infused, rolling drums of “Darkslide” and the rugged, ever stepping ‘Lust”.

“Between the Lines” completes the release, an epic collaboration with Zombie Cats that packs a high-octane punch.

1. “Darkslide”
2. “Lust”
3. “Between the Lines (ft. Zombie Cats)”

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