Toni Solidi EP


Dispatch Store Release Date: 25/09/2020
General Release Date: 09/10/2020

We welcome SD back to Dispatch with the “Toni Solidi EP”. The Italian maestro brings us 4 tracks of “solid tones” – the translation of which forms the title of the EP.

‘Hatchet’ takes its name from Lock Stock’s ‘Hatchet Harry’, the tune is built from industrial foley samples and a looped voice track. Tight, sharp cuts and psychotic mumbling fitting perfectly with the character.

The release continues this theme with ‘Mastadon’ a dark percussive stomper, ‘Wires’ packed with raw, nervous energy, and ‘Don’t You’ contrasting the rough, funk led beats with warm distortion and a liquid edge.

1. “Hatchet”
2. “Mastodon”
3. “Wires”
4. “Don’t You”

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