Dave Owen & NC-17 (feat. RMS, Black Opps, MC Dre)
Outlaw EP



1. “Outlaw (ft. MC Dre)” – Dave Owen, NC-17 & RMS
2. “Deviant” – Dave Owen & NC-17
3. “Mutiny” – Dave Owen & NC-17
4. “Night Of The Creeps” – Dave Owen, NC-17 & Black Opps

We welcome Dave Owen and NC-17 back to Dispatch for this 4 track EP featuring RMS, Black Opps and Dre.

Inspired by West Coast Rap and horror films of the ’90s, Dave Owen and NC-17 present four tough and driving tracks, packed with cinematic atmosphere and heavyweight drums.

The title track ‘Outlaw’ is a collaboration with Canadian talent RMS featuring the Los Angeles based MC Andre’ Dew better known as MC Dre – a staple in the USDNB scene to bring that full west coast flavour.

‘Night of the Creeps’ sees Brazilian producer Black Opps join the pair for a minimal rolling stepper, soaked in horror samples and creeping eerie vibe.

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