DIS161: Quadrant & Iris
Stoic / Instinct (Ft Codebreaker) / Calculated Risk (Sixfour Remix)



1. “Stoic”
2. “Instinct” – Quadrant, Iris & Codebreaker
3. “Calculated Risk (Sixfour Remix)”

Dispatch Release Date: 04/12/2020
General Release Date: 18/12/2020

Quadrant & Iris make a welcome return to Dispatch with a 3 track release, featuring a collaboration with Codebreaker and a remix from Sixfour.

‘Stoic’ takes its name from the Greek philosophical tradition of Stoicism, which encourages resilience in the face of a world and events that we’re unable to control. The last 4 years (and the last year in particular) have been difficult for many people, During this time, the US-based couple Quadrant & Iris saw creating music like this as a defiant act. Something they ‘can’ control.

Codebreaker joins the pair for ‘Instinct’ as the talented lyricist and MC defines the authenticity he holds as key to the sound we love at Dispatch. Throughout his many years working within the scene he has seen it change but always return to the underground, choosing instinct over fabrication.

The release is completed with an epic remix from Sixfour, who brings his unique flavour to ‘Calculated Risk’ the title track from Quadrant & Iris’s last EP for Dispatch from 2018.

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