Andy Skopes, Madcap & Singing Fats
Trouble EP



1. “Trouble”
2. “Scatter”
3. “Empty Soul”
4. “Trouble (Dub Mix)”

Dispatch Release Date: 05/02/2021
General Release Date: 19/02/2021

We’re proud to present a very special release, one of the last projects that Andy Skopes and Madcap worked on together, prior to the sad loss of Andy Skopes to cancer in 2019.

Understandably this release means a lot to Madcap and it is our great pleasure to release this incredible EP.

‘Trouble’ began life as an instrumental and was written as the pair’s interpretation of a roller. Madcap played an early demo on Rinse FM, with Singing Fats hosting as they appeared on Randall’s ‘R In Session’ show. After hearing the tune during this set, Fats was keen to add his incredible talent to a vocal version of the track. It’s an honour to feature work from these artists along with Fats, given his long history and respected position in the scene.

Madcap has went on to play the vocal & the ‘Dub Mix’ many times pre-lockdown, receiving very positive feedback & support.

‘Scatter’ has Andy’s trademark reece bass & Madcap’s throwback Jungle influence, a combination that provided some awesome dancefloor moments, with the crowd almost sensing the fun the pair had writing the tune.

Both Madcap and Andy Skopes are big fans of melody and epic, deep pads and so they wanted the final tune ‘Empty Soul’ to represent this. Showcasing yet another style they made so well together, it completes this sensational release in fine form.

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