Ephyum & Invadhertz
Eidolon EP



1. “Escapism”
2. “Deadlock”
3. “Eidolon”
4. “Lantern”

Dispatch Release Date: 19/03/2021
General Release Date: 02/04/2021

Proudly presenting a project from two of Italy’s finest drum & bass exports, Ephyum & Invadhertz, The Eidolon EP is four tracks of futuristic, progressive, technical drum & bass.

The EP begins with the epic intro of ‘Escapsim’ – with pitched down vocals and sci-fiesque keys setting the tone for the whole release. Reminiscent of Spielberg era 80’s film scores, this one twists and warps through warm pads and futuristic snarling synths.

‘Deadlock’ takes us into a darker, more minimal territory. Tense and menacing, this one is bass-heavy progression contrasted with a growling synth line lurking throughout.

In ancient Greek literature, an eidolon is a spirit-image of a living or dead person; a shade or phantom look-alike of the human form. The title track ‘Eidolon’ is a creeping beast. One that builds slowly to a monstrous bassline that continues to twist and warp throughout, providing the looming, infectious groove of the track.

The EP reaches a futuristic peak in ‘Lantern’, where Close Encounters style electronic brass and sci-fi stabs reminiscent of attacking UFOs.

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