Umbra EP



1. “Umbra”
2. “Devise”
3. “Permeate”
4. “Loon”

M-zine is back on Dispatch Recordings with the ‘Umbra EP’, a four-track release that sees this talented producer continue to reinvigorate and explore the classic era influences that make up his musical outlook.

For the title track ‘Umbra’, he focused on old school chopping techniques to breathe new life into the classic ‘Apache’ break, pairing with deep pads and bass stabs to give this nostalgic jungle infusion irresistible dynamic appeal.

Leaning on his love of techno-infused breakbeats, ‘Devise’ is pure dancefloor fun – epic horns, a driving bassline and those spacey atmospherics that keep the energy just right.

The growling bass synth of ‘Permeate’ drives this minimal stepper through a myriad of twists and sonic turns that layer new depths on every progressive bar.

‘Loon’ leads with an acid-soaked synth line that bubbles away into staccato drums, further exploring those techno influences and completing the EP with the kind of experimental rhythms M-zine fans will love.

A welcome return to the label, this is M-zine at his best.

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