Battery & Philth
Majesty EP



1. “Majesty”
2. “Ambra”
3. “Poseidon”
4. “For Real”

The formidable talents of Battery and Philth join forces for the Majesty EP. Over the space of a year and a half, the four tunes that make up this release were produced as part of several sessions at the two Battery studios. Choosing to work together in person, rather than online, the vibe created by these three talented music teachers and producers carries through to the end result. With a hands-on, analogue hardware first approach, they capitalised on these dynamic interactions to keep the energy of each tune flowing.

Drawing influence from their love of 80’s pop, jazz, hip-hop, film soundtracks, classic house & techno, and crunchy jungle breaks, each track in this varied EP was crafted from a fresh palette of samples and sounds in a day and mixed in the next visit.

The title track ‘Majesty’ is built from heavily analogue processed breaks, taken from Battery’s days signed to Valve recordings – one being Dillinja himself playing his drum kit! Coupled with a tear-out bassline, this one is an absolute monster.

‘Ambra’ perfectly captures the emotions of a sunrise at the famous Sun & Bass festival, taking inspiration from the now legendary venue.

The rolling bassline from ‘Poseidon’ was played first take; when coupled with jazzy hooks and resampled soundtracks, the vibe created from this initial session inspired the trio to write the whole EP.

‘For Real’ is based on a classic house vocal hook and continues this influence with a bassline that builds throughout the tune, combining with hip-hop and funk breaks to create this impressive deep roller.

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