Thought Patterns EP



1. “As Memory Fades”
2. “Thick Cotton Blends”
3. “Awoken”
4. “What You Wanted”
5. “Thought Patterns”

DIS170 sees the welcome return of label favourite Wreckless, back again with a five-track EP packed with the depth and intricate progression that make up his trademark sound.

Opening the EP is a track that perfectly contrasts deep gritty drums with beautiful synth pads and lead arps, ‘As Memory Fades’ is an ode to the fragility of the mind and holding on to lost memories.

Channelling the spirit of the old school 98 sound, Wreckless makes the most of the minimal nature of tunes from this era with ‘Thick Cotton Blends’ and ‘What You Wanted’. Working with as few elements as possible to recreate the punch and energy tunes from this era have, each sound hand-tuned to perfection.

‘Awoken’ is inspired by the nature of inspiration striking at all times of the day, Wreckless has to modify his body clock to make the most of the creative spark that can hit at any time of day or night.

The introspective ‘Thought Patterns’ completes the EP, a deep progressive tune featuring a synth that pays homage to an old Channel 4 advert that still inspires Wreckless today.

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