Moonfall EP



1. “Adrift”
2. “Moonfall”
3. “Mental”
4. “Priboi”

We welcome back ChaseR to Dispatch for our first release of 2022. Last seen on the label in 2020 for the heavyweight ‘Darkslide’ and ‘Lust’ from DIS151, the ‘Moonfall EP’ sees the Russian producer demonstrate his versatility with four varied tracks that pack the same punch but reveal a different side to his production.

‘Adrift’ starts the EP with the familiar heavy, rolling sound fans of ChaseR will be familiar with. The title track ‘Moonfall’ is built around razor-sharp drum edits and a sparkling melodic lead that wrap around the looping vocal just right. ‘Mental’ continues the vocal work but this time packs a growling sub bassline and punchy bass drums that drive through the heart of the tune. The stepping, angular ‘Priboi’ rounds of the EP in a lighter note, the growling bass is back contrasting with the female vocal loops.

A welcome return perfectly balancing the contrast of light and dark – dancefloors ready.

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