Twilight Zone EP



1. “Twilight Zone” – ZeroZero
2. “John Blaze” – ZeroZero & Creatures
3. “Static” – ZeroZero & Brain
4. “Donkeybean” – ZeroZero & Krypta

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.” We head deep into the Twilight Zone with this weighty EP from Zero Zero.

Sam and Jesse take us on a journey into their alternative dimension, with four tracks of heavyweight drum and bass that just hit differently. The title track is pure 60s sci-fi roller and supernatural bass lines.

The EP also features three incredible collaborations with Creatures, Brain & Krypta. Forward-thinking dnb from some of the finest new talents in the scene, expect immediate paranormal dancefloor action.

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